BSN Roadmap for 2021

The following four aspects delineate the roadmap for BSN in 2021.

Build a digital currency payment network:

The central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are being adopted worldwide as a secure and liquid government-backed payment method. Many central banks perceive CBDCs as essential in a digital world in which cash use is steadily diminishing. BSN plans to build a digital currency payment network in five years based on the CBDCs of various countries and

Continue to expand the BSN network:

BSN will continue to expand the network by creating more public city nodes (PCNs), integrating more frameworks, and building more BSN portals worldwide.


  • BSN China will have 150 PCNs, deep-rooted in second and third-tier cities.

  • BSN International’s PCNs will reach approximately 50, covering most developed countries and developing countries with relatively high level of economic growth.


  • BSN China will have 30 portals, including 10 BSN provincial backbone portals and 20 industry-specific portals.

  • BSN International will have 10 portals allocated in 10 countries/regions.


BSN will complete the integration of all mainstream permissioned frameworks in the world, and BSN International will complete the integration of 30 public chain frameworks. At the same time, at least 3 new cross-chain protocols will launch.

Promote the Private BSN and the Empowerment Platform:

Private BSN has been deployed in 6 provinces in China, aiming to cover all provinces (31) in China in 2021. Combining the BSN public network and Private BSN, BSN will become the core “new infrastructure” for China’s digital economy and social governance. In 2021, the Empowerment Platform will support multiple languages and be promoted internationally on a much larger scale to coordinate with BSN’s global layout and development.

Flourish the BSN ecosystem:

BSN will reinforce our partnership with cloud service providers, framework providers, and portal providers to make BSN’s service more cost-effective and interoperable to SMEs and individual developers. In 2021, the BSN Development Association will establish a comprehensive and mature training system in China to upskill more individuals and organizations to embed blockchain technologies into traditional information systems that make the real economy more cost-effective and foster a new round of technological innovation.