2. April REAP

Recovery Encrypted Access Pass (REAP) is an encrypted private storage service for cryptocurrency wallet seed phrases. REAP is used to recover wallets in case of loss, damage or theft of the wallet holding mobile device and or loss of seed phrases.

The Problem:

The world is transitioning to a digital wallet economy which operates peer-to-peer (P2P) between users . The need to secure these wallets from loss is a major problem. Many users have trouble securing their crypto wallets and as result lose their cryptocurrencies.

This problem further increases as additional digital assets are stored in these wallets including crypto rewards such as NFT's and NFT gaming badges, decentralized identities and their verifiable credentials.

Our Solution:

Provide a simple and convenient solution for crypto wallet users to secure their wallet recovery phases at a very competitive price.


Crypto is entering the mass adoption phase with large global brands, institutions and even governments entering the industry. Coupled with the explosion in NFT's, NFT gaming and metaverse innovation the time is now for us to ride the adoption wave.

Size of the Market:

Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy will focus on our Reap Your Rewards campaign which is based around our existing community on Telegram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube and Twitter. April's social platforms total 75K+ members.

Business Model:

REAP will be offered as a pay and burn model, users must burn April token to use the service. Our targeted audience will be global crypto wallet holders with an emphasis on emerging markets.

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