3. Token Economics
We will use long-term token locking & burning to maintain strong tokenomics.
APRIL token aims to be multi-chained living on not just one but a multitude of chains at the core of the internet of blockchains. By being on more than one chain we will make use of AMM’s and cross chain protocols to provide APRIL token strong interchain tokenomics. APRIL token will be minted on the Binance Smart Chain under the BEP20 standard. A portion of the token base will be moved to Ethereum’s Uniswap V3 once it reaches mainnet via cross chain bridge. By taking advantage of the strong liquidity in the Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum ecosystem we aim to further strengthen the tokenomics both short and long term.
Token Address: 0xbfea674ce7d16e26e39e3c088810367a708ef94c
Name: April Token
Symbol: APRIL
Decimal: 18
Token Audit: Completed
Auditor: QuillAudits


We are currently trading on Pancakeswap & Bilaxy exchanges.


APRIL governance token is the primary use case and method for holders to guide the direction of April. The governance aspect is critical in enabling April to grow and prosper over the years to come. We are building April for long term success and we hope the community as a whole will make effective decisions that maximize that possibility. The APRIL governance token allows each holder to play their part in facilitating the process of effective decision making via voting. Specific guidelines on governance voting will be publish at a later date.
Please see the completed governance votes by clicking the below link:

Token Distribution Breakdown:

The total APRIL token supply base is 125,000,000. Token distribution is as follows.
Token Model
Number of token
Marketing Fund (Long-term)
Development Fund (Long term)
Newb/Nxtty Community Allocation
Liquidity Mining Program
Airdrops & Promotions (Short-term)
Lock Liquidity Pool Tokens

Long-term Token Lock & Release Schedule:

To maintain strong tokenomics and not flood the market with unneccesary supply we shall implement a multi-year token locking schedule.
Number of tokens
Token release schedule
April, 2021 (20% circulating supply)
October, 2021 (3.5 million airdrop allocation to be burned and equals 2.8% of total token supply)
April, 2022 (Newb/Nxtty community distribution starts)
October, 2022
April, 2023
October, 2023
April, 2024
We have used Wault Finance as our long-term token locker, please see the below links for further details.

APRIL Token Buy & Burn Mechanism:

All fees generated from April Oracle services minus network expenses will be used to buy APRIL tokens from the market. Any APRIL tokens bought from the market will be burned to reduce the circulating supply base and contribute to the appreciation of token value. APRIL token is not a security nor does it provide dividends, profit sharing or any other monetary entitlements.

Newb/Nxtty Community Allocation:

Those who hold NEWB/NXTTY tokens will be distributed 20% of the APRIL token base. This distribution is because April project was created out of the Newb/Nxtty projects. April's genesis began with blockchain oracle design work done for Nxtty Altcoin Composite Index (NxttyACCI). This work was started more than 5 years ago and laid the foundation of what April is today. Distribution to NEWB/NXTTY token holders will begin after year 1 as outlined in the long-term token lock and release schedule.

Marketing & Development Fund:

We hold marketing & development efforts in high regard so that is why we have set aside large portions of the token base for these efforts over the next coming years. 20% will be allocated for our marketing efforts which will be a priority for making April a leading project in this space. 20% will go towards development work of the project which will be lean, impactful and innovative so that we can maintain our competitive edge.

Early Members SeedSwap & ILO:

Centralized Seedswap via BNB <> APRIL direct token swap.
Seedswap was completed on April 15th 2021 with 44.85 BNB being swapped for APRIL tokens.
Decentralized ILO/IDO, we will be offering 6% or 8,000,000 tokens.
Our IDO is completed. It was done on Unicrypt Launchpad with 445 BNB being swapped within 3 minutes for April tokens. The market on Pancakeswap was initiated upon completion of the IDO.

Liquidity Mining Program (Delayed Till October 2021):

Farming of APRIL tokens will begin immediately after our decentralized ILO is completed. We have earmarked 10% of the token base or 20,000,000 coins for the liquidity mining program. Further details in regards timing and reward schedules will be communicated to the community.

April Buyer Referral & Holder Rewards Program:

10% Commission for referring an April token buyer to be paid out within 7 days after verification process is completed.
10% holding Commission to the Referrer if the buyer holds for 6 months.
10% Commission as well to the actual buyer if he holds for 6 months.
Total Commissions:
20% to the Referrer if the Buyer holds for 6 months.
10% to buyer if he holds for 6 months.
A buyer can refer himself and gain the 20% Referrer Commission if he holds for 6 months.
Minimum buy: 1000 APRIL tokens

Completed Governance Votes:

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